Take Back The YardTM

Gas Engine with an Electric Push-Button Start.

Cordless Operation, Gas-Like Power.

No Gas. No Oil. Low Noise. Clean Operation.

Batteries, Trimmer Lines, Replacement Blades, & More.

Newest Products

“LawnMaster no pull trimmer is an excellent product. I haven’t owned it very long but so far its great starts with a push of the button. The bump feed string head works as it should. This tool has sure made trimming a lot easier around here. I looked at a lot of different trimmers and picked this one because of the electric start feature."

-Marty (NPTGSP2617A)

“I have had this unit for a short time now and I am very pleased with the job that this blower does and with the features that it has. If I had known how much work and time I could have saved myself by having a battery operated blower, I would have purchased one a long time ago. One thing that I really like about this unit is once you get the blower to the wind strength you need you can lock it there without having to hold the trigger. So nice to not to have gas or oil or an extension cord getting in the way. Do yourself a favor and buy one you will be glad that you did.”

-Riley B. (CLBL6015A)

“I've owned corded electric as well as gas powered trimmers. This unit beats them all hands down. No cord to drag around and just as powerful as a home use gas powered trimmer without the gas/oil mix, noise and pollution.”

-Gary (CLGT6014A)

“I have used this weed eater for 6 years on a 1 acre lawn. I am 65 years old major back problems but this weed eater is very lightweight and easy to handle I love my LawnMaster.”

-Annita (GT1238)

Why LawnMaster?®

LawnMaster products are designed with intentional, innovative features backed by our powerful motor technology to make yardwork easier and more enjoyable

We optimize our lawn care tools for comfort, so yard work feels like less of a chore.

Built to be reliable and durable, our products streamline your lawn care routine.