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Call 2 Recycle

Call2Recycle® collects and recycles rechargeable batteries and cellphones in the United States and Canada, and is operated by Call2Recycle, Inc.

As a not-for-profit, Call2Recycle was founded by five concerned battery manufacturers in 1994 as a voluntary, industry-run initiative to keep heavy metals from rechargeable batteries out of landfills.

Call2Recycle is supported by more than 200 companies who have united to ensure that the batteries or products containing batteries they introduce into the marketplace are responsibly recycled at the end of their usable life. You can find the Call2Recycle Battery Seal on many of these industry stewards’ rechargeable batteries and products. Through the support of industry stewards, such as organizations like yours, Call2Recycle is able to offer a turnkey, no-cost recycling solution for collection sites and consumers.

Call2Recycle’s partner processors recycle the collected batteries & cellphones to eliminate hazardous waste from being landfilled. Since collections began in 1996, the program has diverted more than 85 million pounds (39 million kg) of batteries from local landfills.

Call2Recycle is a leader in product stewardship, a policy of minimizing the environmental impact of products in the marketplace. Consumers, businesses, non-profit groups, retailers, government agencies and the electronics industry join together to find ways to minimize the environmental impact of products at the end of their useful lives.

Visit to find recycling locations.