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operator's Manuals

manuals for our TOOLS are kept available online for download.


All the information you need to operate and maintain your LawnMaster tool—downloadable for your convenience. To find the operator's manual for your tool, just select the model number below.

If you have any questions about your warranty, please visit our Warranty Information page.

Blowers & sweepers


CLBL6015A  |  60V cordless axial blower

CLBL2406  |  24V cordless sweeper


BL705  |  8A Electric blower

BL805E 1201  |  2-speed 8a electric blower

BV1211  |  2-speed electric blower vac

Grass & hedge trimmers


CLGT2410  |  24v cordless grass trimmer

CLGT2412  |  24v cordless grass trimmer

CLGT4012K  |  40v cordless grass trimmer

CLGT6014A  |  60v cordless grass trimmer

CLHT2422  |  22" 24v cordless hedge trimmer

CLHT4022K  |  22" 40v cordless hedge trimmer


gt1018s  |  10" corded grass trimmer

GT1238  |  12" corded grass trimmer

GT1313  |  13" corded grass trimmer

GT1450  |  14" corded grass trimmer

GT1454  |  14" corded grass trimmer

HT1805  |  18" 3a corded hedge trimmer

HT2201  |  22" 4a corded hedge trimmer



CLMB4016K  |  16" 40v cordless mower

CLMF4015K  |  15" 40v cordless brushless mower

CLMF4016K  |  16" 40v cordless brushless mower

CLMFR6018A 0802  |  19" 60v cordless mower

CLMFR6020A 0802  |  21" 60v cordless mower

CLMFT6018A  |  19" 60v cordless mower


ME1018X  |  18" 2-in-1 electric mower

MEB1014M  |  15" 2-in-1 electric mower

MEB1016M  r  |  15" roto handle electric mower

MEB1246M  |  18" electric mower

MEC1218E  |  19" electric mower


LMRM1601  |  16" reel mower



NPTBL26A  |  26cc 2-cycle leaf blower

NPTBL31AB  |  31cc 2-cycle backpack blower

Brush cutters

NPTBSP2609A  |  26cc 2-cycle brush cutter

grass trimmers

NPTGCP2517B  |  25cc 2-cycle curved shaft grass trimmer

NPTGCP2617A  |  26cc 2-cycle curved shaft grass trimmer

NPTGSP2517A  |  25cc 2-cycle straight split shaft grass trimmer

NPTGSP2617A  |  26cc 2-cycle split straight shaft grass trimmer

NPTGSS2617A  |  26cc 2-cycle straight fixed shaft grass trimmer

other yard tools


CLBC4009K  |  9" 40v cordless brush cutter

CLCSF6016A  |  60v cordless chainsaw

CLPS4008K  |  40v cordless pole saw


cs1216  |  16" electric chainsaw

fd1501  |  15a chipper shredder

TE1016M  |  10a electric tiller

We are in the process of updating all printed manuals for upcoming production schedules. If you find a discrepancy between the manual and the website (for example, the Exploded View and Parts List page), please use the information on the website.