LawnMaster No-Pull™ Expansion



Following the launch of No-Pull™ 2-Cycle string trimmers this Spring, Cleva North America, Inc. is excited to announce its expansion of this revolutionary product line to include gas-powered leaf blowers – just in time for Fall. With technology and innovation focused on user comfort and convenience, Cleva developed a powerful 2-cycle handheld and backpack blower.

“We’re excited to introduce our expansion of the No-Pull™ Series with these blowers. When it comes to power and reliability for outdoor power tools, gas is still king,” says Alain Duque, President of Cleva North America, Inc. “Bringing the convenience of our No-Pull™ push-start technology to gas-powered leaf blowers provides users with the desired runtime, reliability, and performance of gas – without the hassle of pulling a cord.”

Both the backpack and handheld blowers address the biggest frustration amongst users of gas-powered products: the repetitive and grueling task of pulling a cord to start the engine. These blowers feature the innovative No-Pull™ electronic push-start system, which is supported by a rechargeable 7.2V lithium-ion battery that provides up to 200 starts on a single charge. Gone are the days where you have to wear out your shoulder pulling a stubborn cord. Both blowers are built with a full-crank engine, giving the user longer product life. These backpack and handheld blowers include variable speed and cruise control features, allowing the user to choose the ideal airspeed without having to pull the trigger continually.

The 2-cycle backpack blower is designed with an ‘Anti-Vibration Comfort’ system including an anti-vibration engine mount and a padded ventilated harness to keep users comfortable during extended use. It also includes an innovative automatic choke feature that allows the user to start the engine without having to manipulate the choke lever, eliminating the need to unstrap and set down the unit to restart it between uses.

With Fall just around the corner, these backpack and handheld blowers provide a perfect combination of power and ease of use that can tackle any job. Choose LawnMaster’s No-Pull™ Series for all your lawn care needs.

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