Lawn and Garden Guide for the Fall Season

Lawn and Garden Guide for the Fall Season

11th Oct 2019

During the Fall Season when our minds tend to think about the Holidays or the looming New Year, it's easy to forget about the yard that is slowly withering away outside.  After all, the grass is going to die and as the weather starts to get colder it'll be harder to leave the comforts of your warm home.  We've decided to put together a guide to help you manage your yard through the fall and to be prepared for the next Spring season.  

  1. Cut Lawn at a Lower Setting and Continue to Water in Fall

    Maintain your lawn through fall by cutting shorter than you have throughout the growing season, and continue till the grass stops growing. Water your lawn to strengthen grass roots, especially if it has been a dry summer.

  2. Clear Leaves Off Lawn or Mulch

    Layers of leaves can smother your grass by blocking sunlight. Use a blower to clear the lawn and to gather leaves into a compost pile. Alternatively, you can go over the leaves with a mower, breaking them down into tiny pieces; this will provide much needed nutrients to the lawn.

  3. Check and Clean Gutters

    Use a blower to clear out dry leaves from your gutters before the rain weighs them down, clogging the gutters and drain spouts.

  4. Drain Garden Hoses and Dry Out Drip Systems

    Freezing water can split hoses and burst pipes. Stretch out your hose across a slope until it drains and put them in storage. Blow out your sprinkler system with an air compressor or hire an irrigation company to do the job.

  5. Cut Back Branches on Trees and Shrubs

    Prune to remove broken or dead branches once the tree or shrub becomes dormant.

  6. Weed, Fertilize and Mulch Flower Beds

    After cutting back dead flowers and shrubs, remove weeds from garden beds. Supplement the soil by adding fertilizers. Applying mulch in your beds over the winter will help the ground from freezing and will prevent new weeds in Spring.

  7. Divide and Plant Perennials

    Separate perennials that are overcrowding and replant with adequate space between each. Remove dead leaves and cut back stems.

  8. Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs

    Plant spring flowering bulbs such as crocus, daffodils and tulips by the end of October.

  9. Clean and Sharpen Garden Tools

    After your fall yard maintenance is complete, and before you store them away, clean and oil tools to prevent them from rusting. Sharpen blades so tools are ready for the following spring.

  10. Empty Gas from Equipment

    Old gas left in your equipment over winter can cause a number of problems. Your equipment may not start or run smoothly when you use it in Spring due to the fuel gumming up. Adding a quality stabilizer to the fuel can help prevent this from happening. Always drain gas out in to a can approved for fuel storage at the end of each season.

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